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When the sanding process is complete it's time to create the perfect finish with a stain, oil, wax or lacquer. We only use products from top brands such as Pallmann, Treatex, Bona and Osmo so we can provide a beautiful, hard wearing and long lasting finish.



With a wide range of wood staining available we really can transform your wood floors to create any look. Whether you're wanting to create an elegante deep mahogany, a subtle red oak or a light Nordic style white wash we have it covered.

Certain species react better with certain stains so why not book a consultation with one of our technicians to discuss and find out more.


The finish applied to your newly sanded floors is what really brings it to life. Oils, waxes and lacquers all have their place when it comes to finishes and each bring their own benefits. 

As well as the asthetic side of things our floor finishes also protect your floor and provide a durable, long lasting finish.

We will recommend which finish will be most ideal depending on the species of wood, environment and the finish you desire. Whether you prefer a smooth natural matte finish, a sleak satin shimmer or a glass like gloss we can garuntee you'l be over the moon with the finsh we create.

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Sometimes due to either incorrect installation or weather conditions hardwood floor boards can move slightly creating gaps between the boards. We use the dust from the sanding process mixed with a hardner to fill the gaps for an exact colour match. 

When the gaps are filled it creates a seamless finish that looks like a solid piece of timber.

As well as gap filling we also cover minor repiars and board replacements.

For your FREE, no obligation consultation contact one of our friendly team.

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