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Bringing some TLC to your wood floors

Wood floor refinishing is for those floors that aren't damaged, heavily scratched or uneven. If your floor is in a reletively good condition but has lost its luster over time we can simply refinsh them as appose to fully sanding them. 

How do we refinish your wood floors?

By using our advanced machinary we can remove any existing finish with a fine abrasive to leave the surface clean and preped ready for the finish to be applied.

We then talk to you to identify the type of finish you are looking for, Natural finish, matt, satin or gloss. Each finish is applied using different methods to create a perfectly uniformed look. 

Advantages of refinishing

There are a number of benefits to refinishing with the main ones being:

  • Quicker process than full sanding

  • Cheaper than full sanding

  • Able to change the appearance  of your floors

  • Ideal for yearly maintenance for a consistant all year round finish.

For more information or a FREE no obligation consultation contact one of our friendly team.

Floor Refinishing: Welcome
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